Kiku 2009 ? Kiku in the Japanese Autumn Garden

October 17 to November 15, 2009

This marks the third and final year of the Botanical Gardens elaborate presentation of kiku (Japanese for chrysanthemum).

Celebrate the ancient horticultural traditions and brilliant autumn color of chrysanthemums and Japanese garden plants. The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory Courtyards are transformed into a setting that evokes the designed landscape gardens of Kyoto, Japan. Scarlet Japanese maples glow against Japanese black pines, and golden bamboos flash against other emerald conifers. Undulating masses of ferns and perennials echo the complex topography that is a hallmark of Japans classic gardens, while beautifully handcrafted pavilions, known as uwaya, constructed of Douglas fir, bamboo, and reeds and evocative of Japanese garden gates and tea houses, showcase kiku meticulously trained into amazing floral sculptures.

Kiku in the Japanese Autumn Garden beckons visitors to indulge in falls fleeting beauty. The combination of maples, ranging from scarlet to electric orange, and pink, yellow, and white chrysanthem ums in spectacular flower transport viewers to the magnificent autumn gardens of Japan.

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